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7art Merry Christmas 3D ScreenSaver v.1.2

    Merry Christmas 3D is waiting to enchant you with joyfull Christmas figures whirling around in happy dance and wish all your dreams become true!

    It's a great Christmas gift for your friends to rise their spirits and make them happy!

Download (700 Kb) Free


System requirements
  • Windows 9x/NT/2000/Me/XP
  • At least Celeron 300 MHz processor
  • Videocard with hicolor/truecolor support
ScreenSaver Settings
    After ScreenSaver settings window is activated you can start configuring Merry Christmas 3D.

    In the upper left corner you will see the 'Ambient Light' switch. It affects the Color of Light illuminating the Figures and background.

    In the upper right corner there is the 'Texture' switch. You can choose any Texture for figures from the current mcskin preset. You can download more mcskins from

    In the bottom left corner of settings window the 'Figure' switch located. In latest version of Merry Christmas 3D there are 5 different Figures: Cube, Pyramid, Sphere, Cylinder and Cone Figures.

    To the right from the 'Figure' switch you can choose the type of 'Quadric surface'. It affects only Quadric figures: Sphere, Cylinder, Cone.

    If you chose 'from points' or 'from lines' radio button the figure's surface will be made of points or lines correspondingly. 'Solid' option will draw the Figure with continuous surface.

    The 'Strong Points' ruler provide the ability to change look of Qudric figures. Higher number of strong points will result in higher number of points or lines from which the figure is drawing.

    The 'Rotation speed' ruler allows you to specify the speed of rotating for figures and background.

    If you check 'Multi-figure whirling' checkbox you will see many figures at the same time whirling around the screen.

    Turning on the 'Auto-figure changing' checkbox will result in changing figures from time to time and textures (if Texture 'Random' option is selected).

    Turning on the 'Translucency' checkbox will make all the Figures transparent so you can look through them.

    Turning on the 'Morphing' checkbox will force the Qudric Figures to transform periodically. Depending on current Strong Points number you will see the different transformation effects.

    If you wish you can separately set Random switch for 'Ambient Light', 'Figure', 'Quadric Surface' and 'Texture'. In that case on every load of Merry Christmas 3D screensaver it will show Random figure with Random Texture, Random Surface and Random Ambient Light Color correspondingly.

    There is Special Figure Multi-Color mode, to enable it - set the following options: 'Multi-figure Whirling' checkbox - checked, Morphing checkbox - checked, Ambient Light - Random, Texture - Random.

Download (700 Kb) Free

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