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Dancing Galaxy ScreenSaver v.2.7

    Dancing Galaxy screen saver brings you animated magic patterns with millions of bright colors.

    The screensaver has originally designed star ship style settings dialog from science fiction with real time patterns preview window.

    You can experement with different rulers and menus to force Dancing Galaxy show you the incredible patterns that no one has ever seen before. There are no limits beyond your imagination.

    Dancing Galaxy screen saver can also be used as an original texture generator - you can easily capture his amazing patterns.

Download (2752 Kb) Order via RegNow ($12.95)


System requirements
  • Windows 9x/NT/2000/Me/XP
  • At least Celeron 300 MHz processor
  • DirectX 5.0 or later
ScreenSaver Settings
    After ScreenSaver settings window is activated you can start configuring Dancing Galaxy.

    In the upper right corner there is a small realtime preview window. While you are changing Dancing Galaxy settings you will see how it affects the screen saver behavior.

    In the left upper corner of the screen saver settings dialog you will see the 'Video Mode' drop down menu, where you can change the resolution of the screen in which Dancing Galaxy patterns will appear. If you want it to be the same with your current screen resultion the 'Use Desktop Settings' checkbox should be checked.

    To the right from the 'Video Mode' you can set 'Show Fps' checkbox to see the speed of the Dancing Galaxy animation. If set 'Hyper Color Attack' checkbox will give you very special effect while loading the Dancing Galaxy.

    Below you will see 'Program Behavior Settings' block. Here you can change visual effects from the predefined presets or configure them manually to find your own unique preferences to have the most fun with.

    Predefined presets located in the left upper corner of the block.

    To set preferences manually please switch radio button to the 'Custom Control' position.

    If you press rotating 'Click here' button there will appear another visual settings block Here you can set effects order and other options. You can also select form the 'Spin function' preset. If you click the spiral you will see another context menu with the very special options.

    You can experement with the program behavior settings as you like to get the most out from the Dancing Galaxy.

    In the right lower corner you will see buttons block.

    If you press 'Blur viewer' button you will see context menu in which you can work with screen shots, preview them and set auto screen shots taking mode. Additional help on screen shots is also available from this menu.

Download (2752 Kb) Order via RegNow ($15.95)

    Dancing Galaxy screen saver is a good meditation assistant because it is capable to draw almost all your attention while its beautiful patterns are constantly changing in unpredictable way.

    To begin the Dancing Galaxy meditation please start the MindsEye screen saver, sit in you armchair comfortably, close your eyes for a minute or two and try to relax. Quiet classical, etnic or new age music will be also great to surround you with an atmosphere suitable to the meditation.

    Now you can open your eyes and look at the screen. You will see different colourful patterns coming one after another, completely disappearing in a few moments forever. It means that everething is going in the right way, everething is changing in this world and comes only for an instant to never come back in the same form. But inside passing forms the eternal Life always flows.

    Realize the importance of the Current Moment! It will never come again for the eternity. The Universe will never see with your eyes that beautiful patterns that comes only once in the World History.

    Realize the importance of your Existence. Every instant of your Life is a far more great that billion years in the vacuum. You are the only one who can see and feel what you are seeing and feeling stright away at the present moment.

    Let the moment dissolve in the eternity. Become the one who beholds how different Life forms are coming and leave in improbable cosmic dance full of joy and love.

    Feel cosmic love of the God to the all alive, feel the love to the God! All is the Same. All is the One. And that's great!

Download (2478 Kb) Order via RegNow ($12.95)

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