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Romantic Clock Screensaver
7art Romantic Clock has a special magical feature - it could enrich the stream of love. It's a nice gift for you and your beloved. Your children and parents will also like it.
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Tarot Clock Screensaver
With this Clock screensaver the magic of tarot cards will bring you luck and happiness. The ancient Cabala symbols arranged in a special way to bring new opportunities and possibilities into your life.
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7art Eternal Love Clock Screensaver   new
Happiness is never far behind when thoughts of your Valentines come into mind! Tenderness, eternal spring and affection in your hearts make our Universe a most wonderful place to live lives of love and sing tunes of amour!
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Love Dance Clock Screensaver   new
Love is the everlasting dance of our world! Open your inner self and send your wonderful emotions flying in brilliant energy waves of the topping Reality of Love! Love Dance Clock is the undreamt-of miracle to permeate your loving heart and environment!
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Love Heart Clock Screensaver
The loving heart beats tenderly and spreads glowing rays of the all-powerful feeling. Time goes on unhurriedly for loving people. Stop what you do, remember your beloved and touch the warm feeling in your hands, heart and dreams!
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Love Flower Clock Screensaver
Natural Flower Clock found in fairy tale. Now you can easily find out the exact magical time and date. Every magical second passed in free Love Flower Clock screensaver is full of love. Let's share it with all the world.
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Amur Clock Screensaver
7art Amur Clock brings you merry Amurs flying around a heart-clock with angel wings and shooting to hearts from their magical love-bows. It's not only a desktop clock but also a magic love generator. Each Amurs's shot fills the world with love.
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Valentine's Clock Screensaver   new
Romance is in the air. Express your love in the most original way! Present this lovely handmade screensaver with love flowers growing from the heart of the magic Clock. Let the flames of love get stronger and brighter! It's a great gift for Valentine's day.
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Sweet Love Clock Screensaver
Delight your eyes with images of tender caress, warm embrace, delicate kiss. Feel your spirit refreshed! Sweet emotions which open our soul and fill our heart with music of love. Watch poetic lyrics flowing in harmony with the hands of the sensual clock!
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Astro Clock 3D Screensaver
Astro Clock 3D screensaver will turn your PC to a Gate into the Space of Joy and eternal cosmic feast. Rotating Zodiac wheel will decorate your PC while helping to increase the quality of your time! Feel the pulse of the third millenium! Harmonize your rythms with the natural space cycles!
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Full Moon Clock Screensaver
Full Moon is the enchanted culmination of all powers. Take this great opportunity to meditate on the beautiful night sight and be sure to make your innermost wish and set positive intentions! Full Moon Clock is a wonderful reminder of the magic time and a prefect gift for your beloved.
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Coco Clock Screensaver
Time is a substance from which everything in our world is made. Time is basic fluid that circulates inside, and makes every object of nature live in its own rhythm. Coco Clock screensaver will show you the unseen rhythm of time in a coconut.
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7art Foliage Clock Screensaver   new
Withdraw into the mighty ocean of ripe foliage and seem to smell the freshness of moist forest streaming into your setting. Always be in touch with the core of pure green nature which enables you to feel fluidity and smooth expanding of never-in-hurry Time.
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Laputa Flying Island Clock Screensaver
The graceful vintage clock leads you into the fictional flying rock of Laputa connecting the mystical world of Jonathan Swift and the fabulous land of Miyazaki anime-art. The magic staircase shows you the way to the island castle riding in the clouds.
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Aquarium Clock Screensaver
Aquarium fishes want to know the current time and they need special clock with the hands crawling around the clock face second after the second to amuse the small fishes and rise your spirits.
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Rainy Clock Screensaver
In the Autumn everething turns around together with the natural life cycles. It is the Time of the quiet and dreaminess. The Rainy Clock transmits the state of the Autumn Time to help you pleasantly tune in the harmony of the Autumn season.
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Summer Rain Clock Screensaver
Feel the summer rain freshness on your face! Let the rainbow colours in! Touch the nature freedom with your hands! And then you are not afraid of quickly running time! You just relax and let your life go, and it's the austere clock that keeps count.
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Fluorescent Clock Screensaver
Bright neon colors on black background of this cute Fluorescent Clock will enliven any room. It brings the memories of relaxed walks on a night street. Let this clock bring you calm and positive message - along with showing the time. It's one of the best clock screensavers.
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Deep Space Clock Screensaver
A spaceship landed onto a distant planet, where scientists have found a deposit of new resources. The ship started extracting such treasures of the planet as joy, pleasure, love and others. This screensaver is the only way to deliver the extracted!
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Zodiac Clock Screensaver
Zodiac Clock is a new time measuring tool able to tell you a day of the week and the month as well. Moreover it brings you energy of a current zodiac sign, it's very useful for harmonizing your everyday rythms with the natural life cycles.
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Cyberpunk Clock Screensaver
In the center of the cybernetic world we will see digital butterflies flying around the pulsating computer heart. Welcome to Cyberia where the matter is just information frozen in the moment and everething is possible like in the Matrix movie. Feel the rythm of the information age with every hearbeat of Cyberpunk Clock. Believe in the miracles to let them come in our reality!
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Auto Clock Screensaver   new
Colored merry motor-car families rush around the city: Baby-Cars following Parents-Cars in search of picnics, games, new cartoons. They watch Time appear in cheerful bubbles which answer their aerials' signals. Learn to read TIME and navigate magic yourself!
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Rocket Clock Screensaver
Can you imagine spaceships and weird planets as an adornment of your screen clock? Check out a new screensaver, featuring a rocket attached to a magic clock hand flying around an alien planet.
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Gravity Free Clock Screensaver
Watch the rejoicing and floating stones which have forgotten their Weight and Gravity! Take the air into the amazing views of Sky, Waves and Earth! Meet the challenge of Space and Time!
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Fractal Sun Clock Screensaver   new
Join the storm of the Sun! Always be at the peak of the solar cycle! Make a fractal snapshot imprinted in the solar wind! Feel the Sun magnetic field bringing you power, light, and happiness!
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Everlasting Flowering Clock Screensaver   new
Join the space of timeless summer, unlimited skies, and herbs rich with sunlight! Enjoy butterflies vitality and float into the world of everlasting flowering which waits for you any moment you are ready to feel full of featheriness and easy happiness.
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Vitality Clock Screensaver   new
Let your screen come alive with the power of healthy energy and positive vibrations. Awaken your screen and your spirits with vigour and confident charismas. Vitality Clock correlates with your desire to live full life and feel strong and sure in everyday life!
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Youth Energy Clock Screensaver   new
Youth energy bursts into your PC providing creative rhythm for your life. You are sure to use the most of your power to take friendly control of Time as you have so much to do and enjoy. Free art, live and emotive music, lively sport - you are ready to give flesh and body to all your daring ideas!
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Sunny Bubbles Clock Screensaver   new
Sunny Bubbles Clock offers you the spirit of childhood free of past and future thoughts. You fall into the full of present moment with glowing sunny mood and lightness of rainbow-colored bubbles. And all worries are carried away with these shimmering bubbles of time.
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Magic Forest Clock Screensaver   new
Welcome to the most enchanted world of the Secret Life of Forest! Tiny discreet glow-worms enlighten mysteries of the Forest before your dazed eyes! Fantastic mushrooms whisper implicit spells for you to be oriented here!
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Lovely Pets Clock Screensaver   new
Time makes things come together. Pets delight in lovely clock. Love makes the world better ever. Get this amazing screensaver - you will have something to talk!
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Oasis Clock Screensaver
The warm tropical sun is going down the sparkling rivers down a waterfall. It has thrown peculiar shadows all around the palm trees. The air is delicious and smells juicy. It even seems that the face of Oasis Clock is slowly getting tanned.
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Blossom Clock Screensaver
Blossom Clock has been captured in a time lap and made to show just a lovely spring time. The sunny patterns around the Clock are always fresh and rich with color. The Clock's flower hands whirl around to rise your spirits and remind you about the beauty of the life!
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Serenity Clock Screensaver
Serenity Clock invites you into the harmonious unity with Nature and the divine source of all things. You meditate on the flowing energy which moves you closer to your awareness. You enter the space out of time where you may come to know your true Self.
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Ethnic Clock Screensaver
Watch the eye-filling beauty of curious strapworks and smooth movement of everlasting time. Try and guess the concealed images on the patina-covered walls and the ethnic style clock face. Feel the ethnic energy flowing from the ancient timing mechanisms.
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Space Clock Screensaver   new
Take a quick trip to Solar System and be delighted with sparkles of distant stars! Take a ride on a miraculous spaceship hovering in the Milky Way.
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Water Element Clock Screensaver   new
The Water Element resembles in its wisdom and everlasting strength the absolute energy of the Universe. Contemplate the ocean waves in hundreds of sparkling blue shades! Rest your eyes on the bouncy splashes taking the shape of the whirling time.
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Fire Element Clock Screensaver   new
Fire is the element of energy, assertiveness, and passion. Fire occupies a place between earth and air among the elemental spheres. Fire Element Clock will help the rest elements with its vigor and humor.
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Newspaper Clock Screensaver   new
Every day you come across a shower of information in the newspapers. Imagine how each item of the fast-coming news makes its elegant stop on your screen. Thus providing a business-like yet graceful element of environment for you and your PC to take a rest.
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Anime Clock Screensaver
7art Anime Clock will change your opinion about the way we used to think of a typical clock. The long clock evolution has reached the special point where every original idea could be easily put into reality. Unleash your imagination! Download free 7art Anime Clock screen saver!
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Galaxy Rhythm Clock Screensaver
The golden beauty of the rising sun comes together with the purple charm of the sunset in the new clock for Mac and PC! Let yourself dive for moments into the meditative whirl of rays. Remain in tune with the galaxy-like pulse beats which relax your eyes and brain!
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Precious Stone Clock Screensaver   new
Exuberant precious stones are open here to reveal their age-long mysteries of numerous healing powers coming from the entrails of the Earth. Enjoy the magnificent river of gem stones creating a unique atmosphere of luxuriant nature in your PC!
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Cosmos Sokrat Clock Screensaver   new
Whirling pictures of events in outer space. Fractal views of stars, galaxies and nebulas fascinate your imagination with colors and rotations carrying you far away. And above all these accurate rate of the geometrically elegant Cosmos Socrat Clock.
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Antic Clock Screensaver
Bored with modern clocks? Wanna have the sense of the Middle Ages? Feel the spirit of the eternity! Turn your PC screen or TV set into the wall of an ancient castle with built-in Stone Clock!
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Ultra Color Clock Screensaver   new
Color plays a very important role within our daily lives shaping our inner and outer worlds. The practice of using color as a healing agent has been known for many thousands of years. Color is the visual impulse that inspires us to realise our inner richness. Ultra Color Clock screensaver is a new way of harmonizing our mind and soul while our PC is in idle state.
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Standard Clock Screensaver
7art Standard Clock is a nice start to use your desktop as a major time machine. You will always know the exact time and will always make your friends to ask where have you found such a beautiful clock screensaver. So your spirits will definitely rise when you help them to get their own desktop clock from the large collection of free 7art Clock screen savers.
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Underwater Clock Screensaver
Once upon a time a fisherman went fishing in the sea and let his alarm clock fall away. Now all sea creatures living nearby are really happy as they know exact time when the fisherman goes fishing to escape safely from his fishing net. It's one of the funniest clock screensavers.
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Lighthouse Clock Screensaver
The Lighthouse Clock screensaver constructed to help you to navigate in time easily and always keep the chosen direction. It brings you the lighthouse with magical clock surrounded by natural animated scenery designed to inspire you to achieve your dreams!
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Snowy Clock Screensaver   new
Placating small clock screensaver. You can see a peaceful and quiet place, devoid of bustle, somewhere on the outskirts of a skiing resort. Immerse into the atmosphere of imperturbable serenity, watching the small cute clock catching the snowflakes.
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Liquid Clock gold edition Screensaver   new
Every second of our life is precious. The sixty seconds form a very precious minute. The sixty minutes form even more preciuos hour. The 24 hours form the invaluable day. Let's try to remember that preciousness and let our days be unique and happy!
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Apple Blossom Clock Screensaver
This Clock brings you summer moods. Sweet tender flowers symbolize love and freedom in their eternal dance. Elegant butterflies decorate the Clock and attract spontaneity and good fortune.
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Sun and Moon Clock Screensaver
7art Sun and Moon Clock is a new convenient way to always know the current time, current date, day of the week and the month. You will always see the current position of the Sun and the Moon in the sky (including the current Phase of the Moon).
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Best Clock Bundle Screensaver
Get 14 lively Clock screensavers in one single bundle: Aurora Clock, Sun Clock, Salvadore Dali Clock and more. Clock manager is included.
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Cheerful Clock Bundle Screensaver
Get 14 cheerful Clock in one single clock screensaver: Atumn Clock, Be Here Now Clock, Mechanical Clock, Lucid Dreaming Clock, Neon Clock, Orange Clock, Picasso Clock, Pifagor Clock, Pizza Clock, Radioactive Clock, Spring Clock, Summer Clock, Surprise Clock, Winter Clock. Clock manager is included with the bundle.
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Safari Clock Screensaver   new
Chasing Time is a nice habbit. Time constantly runs away from the past to the future. The only chance to catch it is to dive into the present totally. In that case real miracles begin to happen. Everething becomes possible.
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Smart Hands Clock Screensaver
Invite this clock from a Medieval fairy tale to live in your room. Rest your sight on 24 sunrays spreading from the center of the clock. Read exact time from Roman numerals around the dial. Watch minute-hand make little steps. Enjoy!
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Standard Clock Screensaver
7art Standard Clock is a nice start to use your desktop as a major time machine. You will always know the exact time and will always make your friends to ask where have you found such a beautiful clock screensaver. So your spirits will definitely rise when you help them to get their own desktop clock from the large collection of free 7art Clock screen savers.
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Merry Flower Clock Screensaver
Merry Flower Clock screensaver shows time in a funny uncommon way: Merry Flower is the Clock's face and leaves and petals are the Clock's hands. Bright colors of the screensaver and it's tender shapes are designed to cheer your moods and invite a smile to your face.
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Mechanical Clock Screensaver
The clock is a mechanical living being that sails in the great river of time ahead of our civilization. Like the nights devide the days, the seconds devide the minutes and hours. Processes inside the clockwork are interfacing with the natural life cycles. The Mechanical Clock will help us to feel the pulse of the planet Earth and the rhythm of the Universe.
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Earth Clock Screensaver
Earth Clock screensaver can be used as a beautiful reminder that all of us lives on the one planet Earth and it also shows the time. Every time it starts at your PC as a screensaver it will reinforce your connection with mother Earth and planetary consciousness.
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Venus Clock Screensaver
7art Venus Clock transmits soft energies conducive to relaxation. Besides it will show you the exact time. The tender clock face will smooth over the everyday rush and hurry, the beatiful clock hands will help you to rise your overall concentration.
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