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Alien Matrix 3D screensaver
Alien Matrix 3D Screensaver Review by Alan

    Watching this set of mind-embracing wriggling tunnels with ever-changing acid colors and textures is like traveling through an alien's veins. Sometimes it gets wider or turning inside out; sometimes you can see human faces and letters of the walls, sometimes the tunnel curls into bizarre whirling spirals and coils with varying velocity.

    Eerie music will be your companion in this strange trip. It can take hours before you realize you've been in this particular place before. Quite fascinating, don't you think? And it really is alien, not related to anything you can see around, out of this accustomed world. But somewhere somehow we get this notion of the unearthly, otherwise how a human mind could create all those weird images and sounds - so that it even became a fashion?

    As usual, 7art provides you with a lot of options on the control panel, which is good news for the perfectionists. For instance, you can choose a number of skins to download, but if you opt for the maximum (40) be prepared to wait a while for the screensaver to start.

    You can also play with various visual effects (matrix type, velocity, gamma, etc) and sound controls (even including equalizer, which with all respect does not seem to be necessary). You can see the fruits of your creativity in a preview window, (the feature is quite unique for this type of software), although it does not show all of them correctly.

    Overall it is a nice toy, quite capable to effectively refresh your mind by temporally switching your mental environment to something odd and surreal but definitely positive and energizing.

Download (7867 Kb) Order via RegNow ($6.95)

Alien Matrix 3D Screensaver Screenshots

Test your supernatural abilities! Establish a contact with Aliens! Alien Magic Matrix World communication Communicate with friendly Aliens!
Test your supernatural abilities! Establish a contact with Aliens! Alien Magic Matrix World communication Communicate with friendly Aliens!

Alien Matrix 3D Screensaver System requirements
  • Pentium III or higher
  • 32 Mb Video Memory
  • Video card with OpenGL support
  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003
Alien Matrix 3D Screensaver Features
  • Full 3D environment
  • Fantastic colours in never ending Matrix tunnels
  • Full Control over the digital reality with hot keys
  • Amazing Sound Theames and Voices of your favourite Matrix heroes
  • Wide variety of settings
  • Various skins and Presets
  • Digital Plasma Clock
Download (7867 Kb) Order via RegNow ($6.95)

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