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Sakura Bloom HD ScreenSaver
Heat your imagination with Japanese picturesque sight. It's giving sensations of true meditation. Let tender colours of spring in suit with butterfly-feelings and shades of green depths calm your senses. It's about treating yourself to a moment of spirit vivification, easy before your ever striving for beauty screen.
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Summer Bee on Clover Flower ScreenSaver   new
You hear the whir of beesí wings on flower and feel the sun beams on your face. A blossoming flower and humming of bees. Close sooner your eyes now and find yourself on this wonderful summer field. The sun is shining so bright and itís so warm. There is no need for you to rush now, only relaxation and inner harmony. The air filled with the aroma of summer flowering and industrious creatures bees do pollination. You inhale with full breast this enriched air and a wonderful feeling of calm happiness and affection comes to you.
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Autumn Willow Pond ScreenSaver
Solar beams are dancing in reflections of charming pond, the water surface is sparkling in your eyes. The wind is playing with yellow leaves of the willow. Enjoy the autumn clouds fully blending with nature!
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Glitter Autumn River ScreenSaver
Amazing autumn landscape in sunset taking the last solar beams of the day. Golden rays are falling on grass and water that makes it sparkle. Mesmerizing river makes your mind feel calm and comfort. The streams of glittering water bring your thoughts somewhere faraway. Let yourself float away into the paradise and feel absolutely relaxed this wonderful evening.
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Full Moon Bats ScreenSaver
The bats flying with full moon seem to bump into you but they sway and disappear. The huge glowing moon ball covers all the sky and adds the enchantment feeling to the night spirit. The reflections of bats on the moon disk make an enigmatic pattern and look really amazing. Try to guess what can happen and what miracles you can await for from this animated scene.
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Flower Fireworks ScreenSaver
Sense of glory and victory of something tremendous and very important fills the soul! The night sky is suddenly enlightened in thousands colors and a great show begins. Myriads of light streaks and fireballs fly upwards in a dark sky! Miraculous fireworks! This spectacular picture makes goose bumps appear on a skin, it makes anybody shiver with excitement and childish admiration.
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Autumn Landscape ScreenSaver
Enlighten your desktop with live video screensaver and wallpaper. Feel the fresh air of autumn forest. Meditate with calming colorful birch leaves swaying in the wind of changes. Delight in beauty of the woods and feel the rising of your moods!
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River Grass ScreenSaver
Awaken your screen with a retired corner of calm. Feel as if sitting amidst rich grass with air motion touching your hair and every green-and-yellow blade. Be overwhelmed with streaming tranquility and sensations of vivifying moistness of river. Let your spirit be lifted by this inspirational screensaver.
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Autumn Leaves ScreenSaver
See nature song echoing in the splendor of profound autumn harmony. The scene comes alive with the delicate autumn dance of green-yellow-reddish leaves resonant with laidback wind motion while your glance penetrating the twinkling forest shadows. Pathetic of meaningful lifecycle addresses your deep senses and keeps your interest piqued.
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Wet Rocks HD ScreenSaver
Make yourself snug on the soft sand, place your bare feet on warm wet stones, face exhilarating spindrift and take a deep breath. Let your screen come alive with the power of the universal open air. This lifeful screensaver is a perfect setting for those dreaming about summer in the nature.
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Little Island Sunset ScreenSaver
Now more realistic than ever, your screen turns into romance of tropical ocean scenery giving you sense of pure harmony. Get an eyeful of the wonder and reposeful power of the evening heavenly body. The surprisingly vivid feeling of presence sets your imagination on fire and activates felicity under your skin. Itís easy to turn into a blissful watcher, just try!
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