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Parks and gardens ScreenSaver   new
Collection of various garden and park images from Mexico, India, Japan and Russia. This is where artificial and natural merge in harmony, making a safe refuge from those ever-expanding choking cities, reminding that we are still one with Nature.
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London Gardens ScreenSaver   new
They are just like they used to be through centuries lush, mellow, vividly green, inviting to take a rest on that live carpet in the shadow of so old but still sturdy trees and to enjoy lovely garden architecture, kids, pets and kissing couples.
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Water Still & Furious ScreenSaver   new
Water is the essence of life, a vital gift that comes to us in so many ways oceans, rivers, snow, fruit, or even blood. Here are some images of wild and calm brooks, lakes and rivers in Nepal, Ukraine, Russia, India and Japan. Enjoy!
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Croaking Frogs ScreenSaver
Magnificent Frogs croaking in the bogs... Singing their songs like a nightly bongs... Googling their eyes with a greenish spice... In these lively slides take us for the rides...
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Elephants ScreenSaver
7art Elephants screensaver brings you 32 charming photos of elephants and elephant calfs. Enjoy these lovely animals at your desktop.
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Leo the King ScreenSaver
His mane is worthy of the King. His huge mouth can make us tremble. His beauty and charms can hypnotize. His name is Lion. Let's safely look at him from our desktop in amazing 40-shots slideshow and rejoice at... we are not his dinner... yet! :)
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Tropical Fish ScreenSaver
Legends tell that Fishes could fulfill our wishes. 7art Tropical Fish screensaver brings you 38 magical Fish images which take turns with 27 unique transition effects to intensify Enchantment under the Sea. Wish on a Fish and take Delight in its Light! One of the most beautiful saver from underwater slideshow screensavers.
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Butterfly Paradise ScreenSaver
Butterflyes are obviously the most impressive and beautiful insects on the Earth. Colourful and delicate butterflyes are flying about from flower to flower enchanting us by their charm in fabulous Butterfly Paradise screensaver with desktop wallpaper changing feature.
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Sea Creatures ScreenSaver
Strange creatures live their mistique lifes concealed from human eyes Under the Sea. Look at them straight from your desktop with 7art Sea Creatures ScreenSaver. Amazing 27 photos slideshow with 29 unique transitional effects will enchant you.
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Ocean Life ScreenSaver
7art Ocean Life ScreenSaver brings you 25 amazing underwater photos. 29 original transitional effects between true color images make the slideshow outstandable. Feel yourself like an aquanaut diving into the Ocean!
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Waterfalls ScreenSaver
A flow of life is drifting across the Earth towards the river of global changes. On the edge of times you will see the miraculous 7art Waterfalls. It brings you amazing colourfull views of the most beautiful natural waterfalls on the planet.
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Crystal ScreenSaver
43 majestic photos of crystals and gems are going to transport your mental state into seventh heaven by producing special bewitching radiation of happiness. Look and enjoy this amazing light of love coming through every inch of existence to our souls straight from the center of the Galaxy.
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Galaxy ScreenSaver
This screensaver contains 32 photos of different objects in the Universe made mainly by Hubble telescope.You can see the formation of new stars and relict light of ancient stars, blackholes and supernova stars, also nebulas, constellations and whole galaxies located far far away from us.
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Crazy Bugs ScreenSaver
Can you understand bugs? I guess it's rather difficult. But let's try together! They definitely have some kind of intelligence, though a strange one. If they don't have it I doubt that they could have such a brilliant coloration. They are just great! Let's look at them in outstanding 7art slide show screen saver and enjoy their crazy spontaneity.
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