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Full Moon Bats screensaver   new
The bats flying with full moon seem to bump into you but they sway and disappear. The huge glowing moon ball covers all the sky and adds the enchantment feeling to the night spirit. The reflections of bats on the moon disk make an enigmatic pattern and look really amazing. Try to guess what can happen and what miracles you can await for from this animated scene.
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Glitter Autumn River screensaver   new
Amazing autumn landscape in sunset taking the last solar beams of the day. Golden rays are falling on grass and water that makes it sparkle. Mesmerizing river makes your mind feel calm and comfort. The streams of glittering water bring your thoughts somewhere faraway. Let yourself float away into the paradise and feel absolutely relaxed this wonderful evening.
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Autumn Willow Pond screensaver   new
Solar beams are dancing in reflections of charming pond, the water surface is sparkling in your eyes. The wind is playing with yellow leaves of the willow. Enjoy the autumn clouds fully blending with nature!
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Autumn Landscape screensaver
Enlighten your desktop with live video screensaver and wallpaper. Feel the fresh air of autumn forest. Meditate with calming colorful birch leaves swaying in the wind of changes. Delight in beauty of the woods and feel the rising of your moods!
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Tender Autumn screensaver
7art Tender Autumn screen saver shine out soft vivid colors of this charming season. 27 wonderful photos with various transition effects between high resolution images will create comfort in your mind and soul! New version 1.5 features built-in desktop wallpaper manager.
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Fallen Leaves screensaver   new
Rich tender autumn colors of the Fallen Leaves are going to tell us the story with happy end... after the winter there will be new wonderful spring! Delight in amazing Autumn slideshow with built-in wallpaper manager and let your spirits get higher!
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Newspaper Clock screensaver   new
Every day you come across a shower of information in the newspapers. Imagine how each item of the fast-coming news makes its elegant stop on your screen. Thus providing a business-like yet graceful element of environment for you and your PC to take a rest.
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Blossom Clock screensaver
Blossom Clock has been captured in a time lap and made to show just a lovely spring time. The sunny patterns around the Clock are always fresh and rich with color. The Clock's flower hands whirl around to rise your spirits and remind you about the beauty of the life!
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Apple Blossom Clock screensaver   new
This Clock brings you summer moods. Sweet tender flowers symbolize love and freedom in their eternal dance. Elegant butterflies decorate the Clock and attract spontaneity and good fortune.
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Levitan's Landscapes screensaver
7art Levitan's Landscapes screensaver brings you 40 brilliant paintings in high resolution. Levitan is famous for his ability to express the soul of the nature. He is one of the best landscape painter in the world history. His landscapes will enchant you to the innermost of your heart.
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Precious Stone Clock screensaver
Exuberant precious stones are open here to reveal their age-long mysteries of numerous healing powers coming from the entrails of the Earth. Enjoy the magnificent river of gem stones creating a unique atmosphere of luxuriant nature in your PC!
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Sandglass Clock screensaver
Put animated surreal scenery to your desktop! Surprise your friends with funny activity of strange underwater creatures living in the screensaver around sand-glass equipped with a real digital clock!
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Sea Wolf Nova Clock screensaver
The Sea Wolf Nova clock screensaver shows the current time in a very progressive and unusual way - see the screenshot and judge for yourself. I bet you have never seen anything like this before. Well, you might if only you are one of the sea wolves accustomed to the navigation devices. Please use it at your own risk as you can easily cross the thin line separating the reality and the science fiction! In fact, this clock may even set you out on a long adventure jorney!
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Autumn Fantasy screensaver
Autumn Fantasy lets you relax and feast your eyes on the magic of autumn coming up to life on the desktop as a string of forest views. You'll immerse into the peace and quiet of the season with the trees standing yellow, red and orange, leaves rustling under your feet, chilly air, crystal clear sky and the rippling water of the river that reflects all this beauty with different shades of color. And there are funny animals, trying to cheer you up!
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Love Rink screensaver
Add a tint of Love to your screen! Enchanted characters are gliding along a festive Ice Rink. Its Ice is created from magical water. It can reflect real Love and send it back multiplied.
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Valentine's Clock screensaver
Romance is in the air. Express your love in the most original way! Present this lovely handmade screensaver with love flowers growing from the heart of the magic Clock. Let the flames of love get stronger and brighter! It's a great gift for Valentine's day.
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Sweet Love Clock screensaver
Delight your eyes with images of tender caress, warm embrace, delicate kiss. Feel your spirit refreshed! Sweet emotions which open our soul and fill our heart with music of love. Watch poetic lyrics flowing in harmony with the hands of the sensual clock!
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Amur Clock screensaver
7art Amur Clock brings you merry Amurs flying around a heart-clock with angel wings and shooting to hearts from their magical love-bows. It's not only a desktop clock but also a magic love generator. Each Amurs's shot fills the world with love.
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Love Flower Clock screensaver
Natural Flower Clock found in fairy tale. Now you can easily find out the exact magical time and date. Every magical second passed in free Love Flower Clock screensaver is full of love. Let's share it with all the world.
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Romantic Clock screensaver
7art Romantic Clock has a special magical feature - it could enrich the stream of love. It's a nice gift for you and your beloved. Your children and parents will also like it.
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Love Dance Clock screensaver   new
Love is the everlasting dance of our world! Open your inner self and send your wonderful emotions flying in brilliant energy waves of the topping Reality of Love! Love Dance Clock is the undreamt-of miracle to permeate your loving heart and environment!
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Springtime Tulips Carpet screensaver   new
You want all your body cells to inhale this wonderful aroma of tulips in bloom! You close your eyes to feel this to the fullest and suddenly find out how full of energy you are, how a huge stream of positive emotions whirls you around and makes your mind dance in the sunlit spot amidst wonderful spring tulips that enchant with their sweet smell, making you feel drunk with happiness and lightness.
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Spring Park Sakura Blossoms screensaver   new
Tender breeze waves the branches of the willow under the river in the park! Spring arrived and the aroma of the cherry blossoms is everywhere in the air. It’s the 8 of March. Tender breeze waves the branches of the willow under the river in the park. Mesmerizing picture…it gives you an emotion of calmness and tender happiness. Water is running away and takes you along. Takes you along to new future, new life.
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Spring River Reflection Stream screensaver   new
Full of life and vital pulsating energy spring river reflection stream. Dark shades of the tree make an artistic and complicated pattern river surface. The water is flowing slowly somewhere to the distance, making your thoughts follow it. It is calming and gifts wonderful premonition of something new, something unknown.
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