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Zen Lemonade Clock screensaver
Remember healing powers imprinted in all natural orders. When you are widely awake it is easy to see inner borders crossing. Be sure to feel creative potential gaining momentum. And this essential well-being!
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Iceberg Shadows Clock screensaver
While watching and imagining winds of cosmic space it is possible to model your patterns of perception. Pictures of secret but essential truth rise before the mind. Give rein to your imagination and mystical penetration. This deep-color screensaver cannot but catch your fancy leaving you placid and attentive at higher creative levels.
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Rocket Clock screensaver   new
Can you imagine spaceships and weird planets as an adornment of your screen clock? Check out a new screensaver, featuring a rocket attached to a magic clock hand flying around an alien planet.
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Voltmeter Clock screensaver
Do you remember the old classical Voltmeter devices used to measure voltage? Now we force it to measure Time at your desktop! Unleash your imagination and have fun with the Vanguard Voltmeter Clock while being able to know exact time!
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White Noise screensaver   new
White noise is a random signal that named from white light where the power spectral density is distributed around the visible band almost equally. White noise can enhance privacy, increase focus, improve cognitive function and mood. It's also visually attractive and can simply decorate your PC.
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Music City Clock screensaver   new
Lilac night tempts you into free space of imagination. Purple tunes enchant deep corners of your inner space. Set off on a peculiar melody trip, intriguing spiral invites you into romance with mystical vibration.
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Time Particles screensaver   new
Lucid silhouettes provide keys to contemplation revealing latent abilities of universal mind. Progressive minimalism of pure energies illuminates harmonic unity of thought, time, and shape. Configure your longing for continuous upward motion towards well-weighed balance.
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Air-filled Valley Clock screensaver
Colourful reaches of the air-filled valley is cunningly tempting your mind: make a pause in your undertakings and dream of loose holiday in the wild! Penetrate the glorious view, feel the air and flower scent. You are free, you are open to Nature!
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Wet Rocks HD screensaver   new
Make yourself snug on the soft sand, place your bare feet on warm wet stones, face exhilarating spindrift and take a deep breath. Let your screen come alive with the power of the universal open air. This lifeful screensaver is a perfect setting for those dreaming about summer in the nature.
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Little Island Sunset screensaver   new
Now more realistic than ever, your screen turns into romance of tropical ocean scenery giving you sense of pure harmony. Get an eyeful of the wonder and reposeful power of the evening heavenly body. The surprisingly vivid feeling of presence sets your imagination on fire and activates felicity under your skin. Itís easy to turn into a blissful watcher, just try!
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Gandalf Bubble Clock screensaver
Present time Gandalf is blowing bubbles of wisdom and telling us stories of eternal time. He is here with you to remind about desired intimacy with Nature and many chances to dream up your reality and unfold unlimited imagination and serene existence.
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Sakura Bloom HD screensaver   new
Heat your imagination with Japanese picturesque sight. It's giving sensations of true meditation. Let tender colours of spring in suit with butterfly-feelings and shades of green depths calm your senses. It's about treating yourself to a moment of spirit vivification, easy before your ever striving for beauty screen.
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Color Therapy Clock screensaver
Fill your environment with delicate rich colours. Charge your mood with positive tender beaming. Feel your breath go smoother, your heart beat livelier and your mind get brighter! Reward yourself with beauty and share goodness with your beloved.
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