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Rainforest milk screensaver   new
Pure feelings of an early morning are flowing into your open mind. Be connected with full breathing of the ever-resting world. Your eyes shine with tranquil and placid happiness envelops all vibrations of your life. Study laws of harmony, they are imprinted as sacral secrets in Nature and your natural source.
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Pure Dream Clock screensaver   new
A nice moment to stay free from mental and conceptual activities. Enjoy natural movement of time and lightness of emotions. Concentrate on ultimate life goals, itís time to retain good and throw away bad. Pure dreaming creates wonderful determination and things start happening the best and harmonic way.
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Love Flower Clock screensaver
Natural Flower Clock found in fairy tale. Now you can easily find out the exact magical time and date. Every magical second passed in free Love Flower Clock screensaver is full of love. Let's share it with all the world.
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One World Clock screensaver
We live in one single world there everything is interconnected and interdependent. There is no difference where we live and what we think - we share one planet Earth under the only Sun in the Solar System.
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Fire Element Clock screensaver
Fire is the element of energy, assertiveness, and passion. Fire occupies a place between earth and air among the elemental spheres. Fire Element Clock will help the rest elements with its vigor and humor.
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7art Foliage Clock screensaver
Withdraw into the mighty ocean of ripe foliage and seem to smell the freshness of moist forest streaming into your setting. Always be in touch with the core of pure green nature which enables you to feel fluidity and smooth expanding of never-in-hurry Time.
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Blossom Clock screensaver
Blossom Clock has been captured in a time lap and made to show just a lovely spring time. The sunny patterns around the Clock are always fresh and rich with color. The Clock's flower hands whirl around to rise your spirits and remind you about the beauty of the life!
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Love Rink screensaver
Add a tint of Love to your screen! Enchanted characters are gliding along a festive Ice Rink. Its Ice is created from magical water. It can reflect real Love and send it back multiplied.
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Love Dance Clock screensaver   new
Love is the everlasting dance of our world! Open your inner self and send your wonderful emotions flying in brilliant energy waves of the topping Reality of Love! Love Dance Clock is the undreamt-of miracle to permeate your loving heart and environment!
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Valentine's Clock screensaver   new
Romance is in the air. Express your love in the most original way! Present this lovely handmade screensaver with love flowers growing from the heart of the magic Clock. Let the flames of love get stronger and brighter! It's a great gift for Valentine's day.
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Love Heart Clock screensaver
The loving heart beats tenderly and spreads glowing rays of the all-powerful feeling. Time goes on unhurriedly for loving people. Stop what you do, remember your beloved and touch the warm feeling in your hands, heart and dreams!
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Always be in love screensaver   new
On a distant planet a couple of inseparable sweethearts are living, happy and vivid, counting no time. Their space and inner time have a smooth motion, full and right. Their skies unite stars, airy angel and clear moon. All are in love with all. Join in love.
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Sweet Love Clock screensaver
Delight your eyes with images of tender caress, warm embrace, delicate kiss. Feel your spirit refreshed! Sweet emotions which open our soul and fill our heart with music of love. Watch poetic lyrics flowing in harmony with the hands of the sensual clock!
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Romantic Clock screensaver
7art Romantic Clock has a special magical feature - it could enrich the stream of love. It's a nice gift for you and your beloved. Your children and parents will also like it.
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7art Eternal Love Clock screensaver
Happiness is never far behind when thoughts of your Valentines come into mind! Tenderness, eternal spring and affection in your hearts make our Universe a most wonderful place to live lives of love and sing tunes of amour!
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Amur Clock screensaver
7art Amur Clock brings you merry Amurs flying around a heart-clock with angel wings and shooting to hearts from their magical love-bows. It's not only a desktop clock but also a magic love generator. Each Amurs's shot fills the world with love.
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