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Magnificent Palm Sky Scenery ScreenSaver   new
Just moving silhouettes of three palms with huge green leaves brighten up the blue scenery. An immense feeling of summer warmth covers you from top to toes and penetrates to every cell of your body. Blue sky palm scenery. Mild slightly perceivable breeze caresses your tender skin and gifts a feeling of eternal happiness. Thoughts wander slowly in your head, they are in no rush as well as you, you want to stop the moment for as long as possible and enjoy these precious minutes of summer life under the blue sky.
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Crocus Flowers Among Icy Snow ScreenSaver   new
Crocus golden garden buds blue hyacinth and saffron violet is blooming on the snow wite field. Bright purple Crocus flowers and golden buds grown for you among white ice snow! It is the spring time! Early spring time! Spring is coming and crocus flowers in bloom! But snow is still lies on the garden bed fields and flowerbeds.
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Bright Rainbow Waterfall ScreenSaver
A huge stream of water is falling from the height and you can almost hear now the sound it provokes. Beautiful picturesque waterfall sight theme is harmonizing your energy and give huge power of life! The huge sources of life power. You feel it already now. How strong and powerful you become with every minute.
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Dandelion Parachutes ScreenSaver
Summer dandelion amazing parachutes. Summer came with its splendid beauty and amazing flower - summer dandelion pleases the eye with its white parachutes. They are so tender and delicate, so fragile. The sudden gust of wind takes away these white weightless parachutes and cast them to the different sides.
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Evening Clouds ScreenSaver
Incredible and magnificent mixture of bright and blue evening clouds. Breathtaking Skyscape in the evening. Incredible and magnificent evening skyscape! What the unusual colors! The mixture of bright blue and dirty grey colors of the clouds makes the picture look like in a fairytale. The wind is blowing the grey clouds and the sky is dark in the distance with the huge spots of clearing up sky upwards right above the head.
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Flowering Sunflower ScreenSaver
Sunflower power immense energy sun flows inside you and fills you! Sun caresses the heads of these amazing flowering creatures-little suns on the earth. Imagine yourself one of this sunflowers. Can you feel these solar beams touch your face and make you be so warm from inside? Can you feel you grow from inside and ripe under this sun? Inner forces grow in your body and you know you are so powerful and full of energy.
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Storm Lightning Stunning Night ScreenSaver
Huge lightning tear the sky apart. Storm lightning stunning night. Can you hear the sound of thunder? Lightning in storm clouds. Storm in the dark night... scared? Heavy rain clouds cover the dark night sky. Really scaring but beautiful picture! How incredibly powerful our nature is, how amazing and how powerless we are at the face of it and its notions. Stunning picture makes you really wordless. How beautiful our nature is even at such moments!
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Nature Sunset Field ScreenSaver
Sunny field of grass and nature sunset at warm summer evening. Looking at this picture, reproduce in your mind a warm summer evening. Magnificent field sunset. Nature sunset field. Sunlit field, the grass is not green, itís yellow-golden in the golden rays of the sun.
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Springtime Tulips Carpet ScreenSaver   new
You want all your body cells to inhale this wonderful aroma of tulips in bloom! You close your eyes to feel this to the fullest and suddenly find out how full of energy you are, how a huge stream of positive emotions whirls you around and makes your mind dance in the sunlit spot amidst wonderful spring tulips that enchant with their sweet smell, making you feel drunk with happiness and lightness.
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Spring River Reflection Stream ScreenSaver   new
Full of life and vital pulsating energy spring river reflection stream. Dark shades of the tree make an artistic and complicated pattern river surface. The water is flowing slowly somewhere to the distance, making your thoughts follow it. It is calming and gifts wonderful premonition of something new, something unknown.
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Fascinating Flowering Tulips ScreenSaver   new
Best blossom caressed by warm spring sun fill your soul with harmony happiness! Spring arrived with its magnificent power of giving birth to everything around and your heart is full of happiness without any particular reason. Sun caresses the flowers and itís unbelievable that these bright colors are created by nature. Can you feel the same soft breeze that touches the flowers on your chick?
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Dream Holiday ScreenSaver
Take a relaxing tropical trip on the river full of exotic Kerala boats. Enjoy the natural charm of and calming beauty of Kerala backwaters landscape! Tender lotus flowers, fluffy clouds, green mountains and lovely trees are waiting to enchant you with its amazing prettiness. Soft vivid colors and unhurried rhythms fill your heart with infinite pleasure and let your mind drift away in the holiday of your dream.
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Blooming Flower Cactus Bud ScreenSaver
Tender white color of the blooming cactus flower is like fiancee's dress. Petal after petal, until finally the very heart of the flower can be seen. The white color of the blooming flower gives a peaceful calmative emotion and makes anybody smile and mesmerize with such a delicate natural beauty.
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Cloudy Rainbow Flower Clock ScreenSaver   new
Cloudy Rainbow Clock was created to inspire you and rise your spirits. Animated Clouds are flying high in the sky with tender Sun rays running around your screen. The magical summer time is ticking in the clock with a flower face.
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Cherry Blossoms Spring Wind ScreenSaver   new
When Sakura blooms its petals fall to earth to gift you the joy of life! New forces and new desires are born in you, and your body and soul awaken from the long winter sleep. Donít stay at one place, move! Move with this tender Sakura flowers, and imagine you are a petal of Sakura blossoms and wind takes you away in the air. Let yourself fly.
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Flowers Clock ScreenSaver   new
Glorious colors and festive mood are pouring before your eyes and ensure high spirits in everyday life! Choose your favorite flower as symbols of love, peace, beauty or ever-blooming life! Flower parade is taking place on your desktop! Turn your life into the most splendid happy festival!
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Spring Park Sakura Blossoms ScreenSaver   new
Tender breeze waves the branches of the willow under the river in the park! Spring arrived and the aroma of the cherry blossoms is everywhere in the air. Itís the 8 of March. Tender breeze waves the branches of the willow under the river in the park. Mesmerizing pictureÖit gives you an emotion of calmness and tender happiness. Water is running away and takes you along. Takes you along to new future, new life.
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Rain Drizzles Cherry Branch ScreenSaver   new
Small drops of warm rain are falling from the petals and make them bright! Rainy spring day and the rain make you perceive so clearly the aroma of cherry blossoms even more. It feels all the air around is just enriched by it. Itís bitter and sweet at the same time. Wonderful combination... They take all the city dust away and you also feel how you become more and more clean. All the bad memories, all the negative emotions are swept away by these rain drops.
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Rainy Lightning Storm ScreenSaver
The rain drops are so heavy, they make you wet through in a second. How beautiful our nature is even at such moments! Rainy night lightning storm. Huge lightning tear the sky apart. Heavy rain drops. Stunning rainy night storm lightning. Cŗn you hear the sound of thunder? Lightning in storm clouds. Storm in the dark nighÖscared? Huge lightning tear the sky apart.Heavy rain clouds cover the dark night sky. Really scaring but beautiful picture!
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Lake Waters Sunlight Foliage ScreenSaver   new
Lake waters sunlight foliage reminds us of warm summer days. It is summer! Incredible sunlight mixture. Lake sunlight reflections and green leaves. Wonderful summer scenery ... azure lake in the background and the green foliage on the front! Wind caresses fresh green leaves and waves the water in the lake. The sun is so bright, it blinds and the sunlight reflections and light spots play on the water.
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Nature Harmony Clock ScreenSaver   new
The two greatest energies meet on the scene of the new clock! Fluid watery structure of the world and blooming element of earth. Enjoy two smiling lovely girls symbolizing natural harmony and fling yourself whole-heartedly into the gorgeous picture!
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Lake View Summer Willow ScreenSaver   new
Beautiful willow and lake landscape view. Willow tree next to the lake water. Lake, wonderful summer day near the lake and sun reflections on the water... What emotions it evokes in you? Does it give you some conciliation and calmness? Solar beams dance upon the water surface of the lake, the water is so bright blue, it sparkles and you half close the eyes. But you like, you do enjoy this.
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Kyoto Evening Blooming Sakura ScreenSaver   new
The beautiful cherry blossoms give to this night wonderful aroma! Wonderful night at late spring, but it is grey, not dark. The moon lights up cherry trees in blossoms. Itís a little bit windy and the petals falling down from the trees are everywhere floating in the wind. The beautiful cherry blossoms give to this night wonderful aroma. The air is filled with this sweet-bitter smell of cherry and it makes your mind go round. The feeling is similar as to that you have after a glass of cold champagne.
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Sakura Bloom HD ScreenSaver
Heat your imagination with Japanese picturesque sight. It's giving sensations of true meditation. Let tender colours of spring in suit with butterfly-feelings and shades of green depths calm your senses. It's about treating yourself to a moment of spirit vivification, easy before your ever striving for beauty screen.
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Summer Bee on Clover Flower ScreenSaver   new
You hear the whir of beesí wings on flower and feel the sun beams on your face. A blossoming flower and humming of bees. Close sooner your eyes now and find yourself on this wonderful summer field. The sun is shining so bright and itís so warm. There is no need for you to rush now, only relaxation and inner harmony. The air filled with the aroma of summer flowering and industrious creatures bees do pollination. You inhale with full breast this enriched air and a wonderful feeling of calm happiness and affection comes to you.
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Luminescent Jungle ScreenSaver   new
The luminescent jungle can live full life in your computer. Be amazed by the incredible beauty of diverse curious plants in day and night light. Watch the fascinating highlight smoothly changing its flavours and giving breathtaking truth to the scene.
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Wet Rocks HD ScreenSaver
Make yourself snug on the soft sand, place your bare feet on warm wet stones, face exhilarating spindrift and take a deep breath. Let your screen come alive with the power of the universal open air. This lifeful screensaver is a perfect setting for those dreaming about summer in the nature.
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Little Island Sunset ScreenSaver
Now more realistic than ever, your screen turns into romance of tropical ocean scenery giving you sense of pure harmony. Get an eyeful of the wonder and reposeful power of the evening heavenly body. The surprisingly vivid feeling of presence sets your imagination on fire and activates felicity under your skin. Itís easy to turn into a blissful watcher, just try!
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Water Flower Clock ScreenSaver   new
The never-ending stream of quite water gives the viewer a remarkable picture to make a stop and contemplate your inner thoughts. Imagine yourself sitting among the tree branches and swinging your legs in a bright moment of easy heart and airy mood.
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Air-filled Valley Clock ScreenSaver   new
Colourful reaches of the air-filled valley is cunningly tempting your mind: make a pause in your undertakings and dream of loose holiday in the wild! Penetrate the glorious view, feel the air and flower scent. You are free, you are open to Nature!
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Gandalf Bubble Clock ScreenSaver   new
Present time Gandalf is blowing bubbles of wisdom and telling us stories of eternal time. He is here with you to remind about desired intimacy with Nature and many chances to dream up your reality and unfold unlimited imagination and serene existence.
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Summer Rain Clock ScreenSaver   new
Feel the summer rain freshness on your face! Let the rainbow colours in! Touch the nature freedom with your hands! And then you are not afraid of quickly running time! You just relax and let your life go, and it's the austere clock that keeps count.
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