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  Nature ScreenSavers:
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Apple Blossom Clock ScreenSaver   new
This Clock brings you summer moods. Sweet tender flowers symbolize love and freedom in their eternal dance. Elegant butterflies decorate the Clock and attract spontaneity and good fortune.
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Himalayas ScreenSaver   new
There is clearly something very special about Himalayas. Crispy fresh air, heavenly clouds embrace severe mountains, ruthless winds blowing, but the most amazing – the whole place is pervaded with sacredness; you can almost touch it…
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Wild Flowers ScreenSaver   new
Naughty, shy, tender, thorny, but always unspeakably wonderful in its own unique appearance. Where do flowers come from? How can beauty be so diverse? And all those magnificent fragrances… Flowers are tender flesh of grace of God.
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Blue Wave ScreenSaver
Our planet is covered by oceans, on its surface there's so little land, nothing strange that a wave's so attractive and that love never comes to the end. 7art Blue Wave screensaver comes with 29 amazing pictures of lively waves.
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Glorious Trees ScreenSaver
Trees take the light from the Sun and convert it into Oxygen to let us breathe. 7art Glorious Trees screensaver brings you 21 fabulous photos of beautiful trees around the globe. Fill the air near your desktop with fresh oxygen of Glorious Trees!
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Fish Aquarium 3D ScreenSaver
The screensaver features a beautiful large 3D aquarium with numerous exotic fish swimming about their business and realistic swaying underwater plants that have a slightly hypnotic effect and make you forget about all the problems of the world around. Once the screensaver is on you will definitely have no other fish screensavers to try!
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Waterfall 3D ScreenSaver
A beautiful waterfall setting is waiting for you far away from the noise of the city. Watch the eye-pleasing scenery surrounding this enchanting wonder of Nature. Listen to the melodic sounds of the waterfall bubbling by and see the fish rushing up and down the stream. It's one of the best relaxing 3d screensavers.
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Sea Storm 3D ScreenSaver
This incredible screensaver shows you a stormy ocean surface with swirls over it, complete with sunset sky and lightnings. The realistic 3D environment and stereo sound FX makes it fantastic and pick out this screensaver from the rest of 3d screensavers.
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Autumn Ducks ScreenSaver   new
Duck is a very special bird that could cheer our moods without any efforts. Just look at the Autumn Ducks in our slideshow and you will see it yourself. When they dive under water to catch any food we would hardly resist to feel just very good!
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Autumn Life ScreenSaver   new
Autumn Life tells everyone that autumn is a spectacular time of life, the essence of life itself, with all its changes, caprice and wonder. You'll walk through several paintings showing all the signs of autumn: the leaves turning red, orange and yellow, the apples getting tinted in the cool light of autumn, and frost jewels gleaming where once there was dew. And sure as spring, new life is just around the corner. At least, that's what you see.
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Autumn Willow Pond ScreenSaver
Solar beams are dancing in reflections of charming pond, the water surface is sparkling in your eyes. The wind is playing with yellow leaves of the willow. Enjoy the autumn clouds fully blending with nature!
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Glitter Autumn River ScreenSaver
Amazing autumn landscape in sunset taking the last solar beams of the day. Golden rays are falling on grass and water that makes it sparkle. Mesmerizing river makes your mind feel calm and comfort. The streams of glittering water bring your thoughts somewhere faraway. Let yourself float away into the paradise and feel absolutely relaxed this wonderful evening.
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River Grass ScreenSaver
Awaken your screen with a retired corner of calm. Feel as if sitting amidst rich grass with air motion touching your hair and every green-and-yellow blade. Be overwhelmed with streaming tranquility and sensations of vivifying moistness of river. Let your spirit be lifted by this inspirational screensaver.
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Autumn Leaves ScreenSaver
See nature song echoing in the splendor of profound autumn harmony. The scene comes alive with the delicate autumn dance of green-yellow-reddish leaves resonant with laidback wind motion while your glance penetrating the twinkling forest shadows. Pathetic of meaningful lifecycle addresses your deep senses and keeps your interest piqued.
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Autumn Fantasy ScreenSaver
Autumn Fantasy lets you relax and feast your eyes on the magic of autumn coming up to life on the desktop as a string of forest views. You'll immerse into the peace and quiet of the season with the trees standing yellow, red and orange, leaves rustling under your feet, chilly air, crystal clear sky and the rippling water of the river that reflects all this beauty with different shades of color. And there are funny animals, trying to cheer you up!
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Autumn Landscape ScreenSaver   new
Enlighten your desktop with live video screensaver and wallpaper. Feel the fresh air of autumn forest. Meditate with calming colorful birch leaves swaying in the wind of changes. Delight in beauty of the woods and feel the rising of your moods!
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Snow Village ScreenSaver   new
The Snow Village, a secret festive base, dazzles with icy beauty while northern lights present rainbows of spirits. Take a unique chance to watch off-map place where Santa wraps gifts in the company of friendly bears and starts his long-awaited journey!
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Sea Creatures ScreenSaver
Strange creatures live their mistique lifes concealed from human eyes Under the Sea. Look at them straight from your desktop with 7art Sea Creatures ScreenSaver. Amazing 27 photos slideshow with 29 unique transitional effects will enchant you.
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Flower Clock 3D ScreenSaver
The dazzling brightness of spring flowers in bloom, gorgeous butterflies merrily flopping up and down the beautiful lawn. All of this in harmony with the usability of a clock and calendar makes it a truly gorgeous 3D decoration for your screen!
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Ocean Life ScreenSaver
7art Ocean Life ScreenSaver brings you 25 amazing underwater photos. 29 original transitional effects between true color images make the slideshow outstandable. Feel yourself like an aquanaut diving into the Ocean!
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Butterfly Paradise ScreenSaver
Butterflyes are obviously the most impressive and beautiful insects on the Earth. Colourful and delicate butterflyes are flying about from flower to flower enchanting us by their charm in fabulous Butterfly Paradise screensaver with desktop wallpaper changing feature.
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Amazing Butterflies 3D ScreenSaver
The life of 3D amazing butterflies is full of miraculous adventures. They fly around fabulolus scenery with their great natural mission to let life flow. So beautiful and careless like flowers they wish to share their happiness with us...
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Fantastic Butterflies ScreenSaver
Fantastic Butterflies brings you 29 colorful images of beautiful butterflies! Adorn your desktop with everlasting summer with one of the best free screensavers! Let your spirits be always high!
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Arctic Ices ScreenSaver
Have you ever been on the Pole? Biting frost, snowstorms, blizzards - severe environment... But what's a beauty! Let's enjoy it from our comfort places sipping hot coffee and looking to our PC screen with chilling Arctic Ices screensaver featuring 29-pictures slideshow with 31 icy transition effects.
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Crazy Bugs ScreenSaver
Can you understand bugs? I guess it's rather difficult. But let's try together! They definitely have some kind of intelligence, though a strange one. If they don't have it I doubt that they could have such a brilliant coloration. They are just great! Let's look at them in outstanding 7art slide show screen saver and enjoy their crazy spontaneity.
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Careless Frogs ScreenSaver
Careless frogs are jumping in the forest... Careless frogs are swimming in the swamp... Careless frogs are croaking in chorus... Brightly shining like a greenish lamp... Delight in 22 frogs slides with cool transitions...
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Toads and Frogs ScreenSaver
7art Toads and Frogs screen saver was thoroughly tested and was proved to be very effective to fight greediness in all of its forms. Just download and enjoy this totally FREE slideshow screensaver with 22 superb images of the lovely magic creatures.
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Wild Forest ScreenSaver
Are you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? Then take a minute and let your eyes rest on the peaceful images of the forest. Get away from all of your trouble and take a walk through these quiet groves. Just download this new Wild Forest ScreenSaver!
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Winter Forest ScreenSaver
Always thought Siberia is a nasty, cold place? Broaden your horizons and experience the supernatural beauty of the Taiga. The scenery is peaceful and relaxing. This free screensaver is great for all of us living in hot climate.
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Onega Waves Live ScreenSaver
Onega Waves Live Video screensaver brings you magical waters of Onega Lake the most pure lake in Europe. The live video film was recorded from the shore of Onega Lake to clear your mind and take you in deep meditative state. The endless ebbs and flows of the Onega Waves will help you to relax and fill your heart with pleasure.
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Jolly Birds ScreenSaver
Jolly Birds screen saver brings you beautiful birds flying in the sky, walking on the ground, sitting on the trees and swimming in the water. You will see eagle, hawk, stork, swan, pigeon, gull, goose, pelican, thrush and few exotic amazing birds. Fly your spirits high in the sky with these free and happy creatures!
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