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Blossom Clock ScreenSaver
Blossom Clock has been captured in a time lap and made to show just a lovely spring time. The sunny patterns around the Clock are always fresh and rich with color. The Clock's flower hands whirl around to rise your spirits and remind you about the beauty of the life!
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Halloween Clock ScreenSaver   new
Get to the ancient castle of merry vampires full of pretty ghosts. Specially for halloween they made surreal postmodern pumpkin clock. It shows the current time and fill it with halloween moods.
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Full Moon Clock ScreenSaver
Full Moon is the enchanted culmination of all powers. Take this great opportunity to meditate on the beautiful night sight and be sure to make your innermost wish and set positive intentions! Full Moon Clock is a wonderful reminder of the magic time and a prefect gift for your beloved.
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Everlasting Flowering Clock ScreenSaver   new
Join the space of timeless summer, unlimited skies, and herbs rich with sunlight! Enjoy butterflies vitality and float into the world of everlasting flowering which waits for you any moment you are ready to feel full of featheriness and easy happiness.
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Magic Forest Clock ScreenSaver
Welcome to the most enchanted world of the Secret Life of Forest! Tiny discreet glow-worms enlighten mysteries of the Forest before your dazed eyes! Fantastic mushrooms whisper implicit spells for you to be oriented here!
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Oasis Clock ScreenSaver
The warm tropical sun is going down the sparkling rivers down a waterfall. It has thrown peculiar shadows all around the palm trees. The air is delicious and smells juicy. It even seems that the face of Oasis Clock is slowly getting tanned.
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Rocket Clock ScreenSaver
Can you imagine spaceships and weird planets as an adornment of your screen clock? Check out a new screensaver, featuring a rocket attached to a magic clock hand flying around an alien planet.
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