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Autumn Willow Pond ScreenSaver   new
Solar beams are dancing in reflections of charming pond, the water surface is sparkling in your eyes. The wind is playing with yellow leaves of the willow. Enjoy the autumn clouds fully blending with nature!
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Glitter Autumn River ScreenSaver   new
Amazing autumn landscape in sunset taking the last solar beams of the day. Golden rays are falling on grass and water that makes it sparkle. Mesmerizing river makes your mind feel calm and comfort. The streams of glittering water bring your thoughts somewhere faraway. Let yourself float away into the paradise and feel absolutely relaxed this wonderful evening.
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Full Moon Bats ScreenSaver   new
The bats flying with full moon seem to bump into you but they sway and disappear. The huge glowing moon ball covers all the sky and adds the enchantment feeling to the night spirit. The reflections of bats on the moon disk make an enigmatic pattern and look really amazing. Try to guess what can happen and what miracles you can await for from this animated scene.
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Flower Fireworks ScreenSaver   new
Sense of glory and victory of something tremendous and very important fills the soul! The night sky is suddenly enlightened in thousands colors and a great show begins. Myriads of light streaks and fireballs fly upwards in a dark sky! Miraculous fireworks! This spectacular picture makes goose bumps appear on a skin, it makes anybody shiver with excitement and childish admiration.
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Happy Witches ScreenSaver   new
It's right time to get on a magic broom and fly high in the sky. Happy Witches are waiting to entertain you! Their Halloween friends are going to scare you! But don't be afraid! The party is coming and you will feel what the real Halloween is like. Few animated scenes with gothic castles, joyful bats, full moon and burning sun will rise your spirits.
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Sakura Bloom HD ScreenSaver   new
Heat your imagination with Japanese picturesque sight. It's giving sensations of true meditation. Let tender colours of spring in suit with butterfly-feelings and shades of green depths calm your senses. It's about treating yourself to a moment of spirit vivification, easy before your ever striving for beauty screen.
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Wet Rocks HD ScreenSaver   new
Make yourself snug on the soft sand, place your bare feet on warm wet stones, face exhilarating spindrift and take a deep breath. Let your screen come alive with the power of the universal open air. This lifeful screensaver is a perfect setting for those dreaming about summer in the nature.
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River Grass ScreenSaver   new
Awaken your screen with a retired corner of calm. Feel as if sitting amidst rich grass with air motion touching your hair and every green-and-yellow blade. Be overwhelmed with streaming tranquility and sensations of vivifying moistness of river. Let your spirit be lifted by this inspirational screensaver.
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Autumn Leaves ScreenSaver
See nature song echoing in the splendor of profound autumn harmony. The scene comes alive with the delicate autumn dance of green-yellow-reddish leaves resonant with laidback wind motion while your glance penetrating the twinkling forest shadows. Pathetic of meaningful lifecycle addresses your deep senses and keeps your interest piqued.
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Little Island Sunset ScreenSaver   new
Now more realistic than ever, your screen turns into romance of tropical ocean scenery giving you sense of pure harmony. Get an eyeful of the wonder and reposeful power of the evening heavenly body. The surprisingly vivid feeling of presence sets your imagination on fire and activates felicity under your skin. Itís easy to turn into a blissful watcher, just try!
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Dream Holiday ScreenSaver
Take a relaxing tropical trip on the river full of exotic Kerala boats. Enjoy the natural charm of and calming beauty of Kerala backwaters landscape! Tender lotus flowers, fluffy clouds, green mountains and lovely trees are waiting to enchant you with its amazing prettiness. Soft vivid colors and unhurried rhythms fill your heart with infinite pleasure and let your mind drift away in the holiday of your dream.
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Christmas Rink ScreenSaver   new
Skate into the Christmas with this beautiful animated winter theme. Favorite characters are gliding along an ice rink with tenderly falling snow. Bright Christmas tree is shining with festive moods. Bring the Christmas spirit to your screen! The miracles are waiting to enchant you and make your Christmas unbelievable.
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Dream Night Clock ScreenSaver   new
Dress up your screen with wonderful silver light of Moon night in the wild. Give free and easy play to your imagination and see the winding pattern of time. The enchanting scene comes alive with lively flowers promising feelings of delight.
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Friendly Living Clock ScreenSaver
Ability to create childish mental visions plays a large part in our everyday life practice. Awareness of easy ways and frisky motions leads to smart decisions and excites the imagination. And as a result your heart shines with airy tranquil, and those who surround you catch your happy mood and smile more often and with lighter hearts.
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Dramatic Depth Clock ScreenSaver
In the mind's eye we move from the pure layers of life source up to the limitless multiformity of eternal consciousness. Know the passionate desire to cross all levels of comprehension and then unite feelings of your body and top scores of your mind. Subconsciousness can be under sensible control. It is fascinating.
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Free play of imagination ScreenSaver
Here is the very fortunate chance to celebrate festival of heart. Vivacious colors appeal to your passionate dreams. Full of sincere vigor you are ready for the most daring. Burst your bonds and play freely with our hot-blooded world.
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Zen Lemonade Clock ScreenSaver
Remember healing powers imprinted in all natural orders. When you are widely awake it is easy to see inner borders crossing. Be sure to feel creative potential gaining momentum. And this essential well-being!
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Iceberg Shadows Clock ScreenSaver   new
While watching and imagining winds of cosmic space it is possible to model your patterns of perception. Pictures of secret but essential truth rise before the mind. Give rein to your imagination and mystical penetration. This deep-color screensaver cannot but catch your fancy leaving you placid and attentive at higher creative levels.
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Rainforest milk ScreenSaver   new
Pure feelings of an early morning are flowing into your open mind. Be connected with full breathing of the ever-resting world. Your eyes shine with tranquil and placid happiness envelops all vibrations of your life. Study laws of harmony, they are imprinted as sacral secrets in Nature and your natural source.
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Pure Dream Clock ScreenSaver   new
A nice moment to stay free from mental and conceptual activities. Enjoy natural movement of time and lightness of emotions. Concentrate on ultimate life goals, itís time to retain good and throw away bad. Pure dreaming creates wonderful determination and things start happening the best and harmonic way.
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Smiling Reality Clock ScreenSaver   new
Choosing colors of your day address your cheery senses and vision triumphant sensations. One smile a morning is capable of granting you fertility of imagination and directing you straightway to light. Feel joyous in suit with Sun and Flowers, let yourself be dazzled by best summer moods.
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Music City Clock ScreenSaver   new
Lilac night tempts you into free space of imagination. Purple tunes enchant deep corners of your inner space. Set off on a peculiar melody trip, intriguing spiral invites you into romance with mystical vibration.
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Time Particles ScreenSaver   new
Lucid silhouettes provide keys to contemplation revealing latent abilities of universal mind. Progressive minimalism of pure energies illuminates harmonic unity of thought, time, and shape. Configure your longing for continuous upward motion towards well-weighed balance.
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Downtempo into space ScreenSaver   new
By the power of fancy we can float beyond conceptual framework and daily routine. Choose your way of inventing fresh motives for your sophisticated freedom, it's sweet spot to dream in the fullness of your heart. Hasteless stream of mind mirrors eternal rhythm and leaves you clear-headed.
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White Noise ScreenSaver   new
White noise is a random signal that named from white light where the power spectral density is distributed around the visible band almost equally. White noise can enhance privacy, increase focus, improve cognitive function and mood. It's also visually attractive and can simply decorate your PC.
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Suzy Cat ScreenSaver   new
Cute Suzy little Cat wants to live at your desktop. It likes to run and jump as every little kitten. It loves to sleep as well. It's very happy to become your virtual pet.
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Always be in love ScreenSaver   new
On a distant planet a couple of inseparable sweethearts are living, happy and vivid, counting no time. Their space and inner time have a smooth motion, full and right. Their skies unite stars, airy angel and clear moon. All are in love with all. Join in love.
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Love Rink ScreenSaver   new
Add a tint of Love to your screen! Enchanted characters are gliding along a festive Ice Rink. Its Ice is created from magical water. It can reflect real Love and send it back multiplied.
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Cloudy Rainbow Flower Clock ScreenSaver   new
Cloudy Rainbow Clock was created to inspire you and rise your spirits. Animated Clouds are flying high in the sky with tender Sun rays running around your screen. The magical summer time is ticking in the clock with a flower face.
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Water Flower Clock ScreenSaver   new
The never-ending stream of quite water gives the viewer a remarkable picture to make a stop and contemplate your inner thoughts. Imagine yourself sitting among the tree branches and swinging your legs in a bright moment of easy heart and airy mood.
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Paris Clock ScreenSaver   new
Open your window into the most romantic city on Earth. Paris is smiling in its elegant beauty! Be amazed as fragrant wine, picturesque avenue and shapely tower come to life on your desktop! Paris Clock is a chance to follow Paris life around the clock!
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Orient Lyrics Clock ScreenSaver   new
Let your heart stand still for a moment and hear emotive sitar playing. Warm flowers are blooming on your desktop. Words of amorous poetry float in your mind. Orient art so delicate and significant is a perfect setting for lyric strings of your soul.
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Warm Nature Clock ScreenSaver   new
Awaken your screen with a kaleidoscope of warm colors and natural patterns. Let your spirit be lifted by this inspirational screensaver that presents you with warm energy of picturesque views. Itís about treating yourself to moments of pure enjoyment!
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Flowers Clock ScreenSaver   new
Glorious colors and festive mood are pouring before your eyes and ensure high spirits in everyday life! Choose your favorite flower as symbols of love, peace, beauty or ever-blooming life! Flower parade is taking place on your desktop! Turn your life into the most splendid happy festival!
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Gandalf Bubble Clock ScreenSaver   new
Present time Gandalf is blowing bubbles of wisdom and telling us stories of eternal time. He is here with you to remind about desired intimacy with Nature and many chances to dream up your reality and unfold unlimited imagination and serene existence.
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Tender Flower Clock ScreenSaver   new
Wholly absorbing tranquility awaits you with this new gentle-coloured screensaver and live wallpaper for Android. Oceans of tenderness and skies of affection are easily imagined when you capture it on your screen. Let delicate flower beauty wrap your feelings and calm your senses!
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Dragon Year Clock ScreenSaver   new
Dragon is capable of bringing welfare signifying success, leadership and protection. With dragon assistance you discover insight within you to use full of your potential. Let in this powerful animal into your life as a source of enthusiasm and clarity.
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Chameleon Clock ScreenSaver   new
The vigilant chameleon sits solemnly on your desktop adapting its camouflage to the natural tropical environment. Be amazed at the handsome creature perfect in grace and majesty! Let it be the symbol of security and magical transformation for your daily life!
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Color Therapy Clock ScreenSaver   new
Fill your environment with delicate rich colours. Charge your mood with positive tender beaming. Feel your breath go smoother, your heart beat livelier and your mind get brighter! Reward yourself with beauty and share goodness with your beloved.
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Everlasting Flowering Clock ScreenSaver   new
Join the space of timeless summer, unlimited skies, and herbs rich with sunlight! Enjoy butterflies vitality and float into the world of everlasting flowering which waits for you any moment you are ready to feel full of featheriness and easy happiness.
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7art Eternal Love Clock ScreenSaver   new
Happiness is never far behind when thoughts of your Valentines come into mind! Tenderness, eternal spring and affection in your hearts make our Universe a most wonderful place to live lives of love and sing tunes of amour!
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7art Foliage Clock ScreenSaver   new
Withdraw into the mighty ocean of ripe foliage and seem to smell the freshness of moist forest streaming into your setting. Always be in touch with the core of pure green nature which enables you to feel fluidity and smooth expanding of never-in-hurry Time.
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Valentine's Clock ScreenSaver   new
Romance is in the air. Express your love in the most original way! Present this lovely handmade screensaver with love flowers growing from the heart of the magic Clock. Let the flames of love get stronger and brighter! It's a great gift for Valentine's day.
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Nature Harmony Clock ScreenSaver   new
The two greatest energies meet on the scene of the new clock! Fluid watery structure of the world and blooming element of earth. Enjoy two smiling lovely girls symbolizing natural harmony and fling yourself whole-heartedly into the gorgeous picture!
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Fractal Sun Clock ScreenSaver   new
Join the storm of the Sun! Always be at the peak of the solar cycle! Make a fractal snapshot imprinted in the solar wind! Feel the Sun magnetic field bringing you power, light, and happiness!
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Fiesta Clock ScreenSaver   new
The ancient tower clock in a seaside town with crystal clear sky, sunny serene ocean, ships and yachts in a charming bay, little houses on a warm fertile land. Get into this magic world where the time is going slowly, nobody hurries up. Soft vivid colors calm your mind and make you feel good.
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Emerald Clock ScreenSaver   new
The Emerald Clock's face is weaving from delicate emerald guiding threads, each symbolizing our connection to other people. It does not matter where these people reside, as soon as we recall somebody in our heart we could instantly resume our relations. The Emerald Clock will help us to keep visible and invisible contacts with all our friends.
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Radiating Clock ScreenSaver
Wanna have a ceaseless source of positive energy? Radiating Clock will brighten up your desktop and fill your time with festive moods. Every minute passing by your side will devine that something marvellous is waiting for you very soon.
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Tulip Clock ScreenSaver   new
Tulip is a symbol of life, perfect love and immortality. Tulips symbolize the middle of Spring with the brazen-faced and slaphappy butterflies. Gather all the pleasures of May together and switch them on any day a year with expressively ticking Tulip Clock!
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