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Space ScreenSaver
Space screensaver brings you 22 pictures with incredible cosmic views. It will teleport you into a deep space to vanish away in grandiose star scenery.
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Soon Clock ScreenSaver
Something splendid is going to happen Soon... The Soon Clock screensaver is just a reminder for that. It's designed to show you the current time and also to speed up the coming of something great to your life Soon!
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Toads and Frogs ScreenSaver
7art Toads and Frogs screen saver was thoroughly tested and was proved to be very effective to fight greediness in all of its forms. Just download and enjoy this totally FREE slideshow screensaver with 22 superb images of the lovely magic creatures.
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Tong ScreenSaver
The beauty of human feet in unusual slideshow screensaver. 21 creative photos will change your mood for the better in strange direction. Fabulous transition effects between images will do the rest to bring you into the fairyland of human imagination.
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Verdure ScreenSaver
7art Verdure ScreenSaver brings you 21 gorgeous pictures of plants, grass and flowers.
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Euromountains ScreenSaver
Euromountains screen saver brings you charming views of European mountains peaks. 17 colourful images will help you to be in high feather and breathe in the fresh air of highlands. Enjoy this beautiful slideshow and feel the Love of our Mother Earth!
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Cars ScreenSaver
7art Cars screensaver brings you 21 images of the most tempting autos. It will help you working with gusto to get enough money for all that cars as soon as possible... :)
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Dinosaurs ScreenSaver
Dinosaurs screensaver brings you 22 pictures of the most dangerours and at the same time elegant Earth creatures ever born. It will help you to be carried away in ancient past and realize immensity of the Earth history.
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Dinosaurs Vol.2 ScreenSaver
Have you ever dreamed of travelling back in time? Taking a walk in Jurassic Park? This screensaver will bring the Earth's largest reptiles straight to your desktop.
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Dinosaurs Free ScreenSaver
The mission of 7art Dinosaurs Free ScreenSaver is to frighten you totally with these ancient monsters waiting to eat everething and everybody they come across... Just a joke ;)
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Flowers Free ScreenSaver
7art Flowers Free ScreenSaver was made to take you in a Beautyful Summer journey with charming flowers at your desktop.
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Ice Age Clock ScreenSaver
Ice Age Clock brings you lovely creatures from the beautiful movie. It will always tell you the current time of the day as well.
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Kaleidoscopic Clock ScreenSaver
Kaleidoscopic Clock screensaver's face consists of endless colorfull patterns combined to infinity. It's almost impossible to determine the rules of their merging. Possibly they are organized randomly. If you beleive in happy chances you can easily get them.
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