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Waterfall Clock ScreenSaver
There are magical trees near the waterfall. The Cheshire Cat lives here. He likes to smile so much that his smile could exist even without the cat itself. Look at the cat's gradual disappering and cheer your moods each time you want to check the current time! Invite the mirracles to your life!
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LovelyCar ScreenSaver
Our friends can spend hours going deeper and deeper into the fantastic trip of the little lovely car! They sit back and relax wondering where the little car is going to, and finally come to conclusion that no matter where it drives to, everything will be alright and joy will enlighten our life! Switch to this marvellous Lovely Car screensaver and believe that no matter what happens, all roads may lead to the Light - if you only wish!
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Lovely Kittens ScreenSaver
7art Lovely Kittens Screen Saver brings you beautiful little kittens. There are 30 images of lovely kittens. You can also choose from 30 transition effects that appear between the images.
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Mask ScreenSaver
23 images of bizarre masquerade masks in outstanding slideshow with various transition effects. The masks can disguise us in the fabulous flow of life. Let the masquerade begins with 7art Mask screen saver!
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Mountains Free ScreenSaver
Enjoy the majestic views of the Mountains in amazing slide show with creative transition effects between colourful images. Get so high in the sky as you can even imagine with the assistance of this beautiful screen saver.
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Neon Clock ScreenSaver
7art Neon Clock is a next step to the further development of the magical clock able to cheer your moods. It brings you colorful face and fancy hands to let your imagination run you away to sweet dreams with each second passed along 7art Neon Clock!
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Neon Glow 3D ScreenSaver
Bright alternating light moving around will help you to relax and feel the harmony of the world. Positive color fluctuations in 3D space will illumine your mind and let your spirits get higher and higher!
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Fluffy ScreenSaver
Fluff is so light that it can easily fly from place to place. Fluffy screensaver will turn your desktop into magical place where everything is so easy as a fluff. The screensaver features 25 fluffy pictures and able to put last image to your desktop.
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Pizza Clock ScreenSaver
Hungry? Download free 7art Pizza Clock. As usually with 7art Clock screensavers - there is a hidden magic feature built-in its clockwork - if you are on diet it will help you not to eat too much, otherwise it could be a nice virtual appetizer! All you need is to beleive in miracles and they will begin to happen frequently!
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Amur Clock ScreenSaver
7art Amur Clock brings you merry Amurs flying around a heart-clock with angel wings and shooting to hearts from their magical love-bows. It's not only a desktop clock but also a magic love generator. Each Amurs's shot fills the world with love.
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Bow Travel ScreenSaver
Air bows whirling in the space on their big cosmic voyage into eternity. Someday their caravans will join together and dissolve in the river of time and space. Later on they will rise again to continue intergallactic mission.
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3 Suns Clock ScreenSaver
3 Suns Clock screensaver designed to paint your moods with bright orange, yellow and green colors and also to display the current time. Let the spring be with you in any weather even in rainy one! With the help of 3 Suns Clock screensaver it's easier than ever before.
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