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  Christmas ScreenSavers:
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Christmas Rink ScreenSaver   new
Skate into the Christmas with this beautiful animated winter theme. Favorite characters are gliding along an ice rink with tenderly falling snow. Bright Christmas tree is shining with festive moods. Bring the Christmas spirit to your screen! The miracles are waiting to enchant you and make your Christmas unbelievable.
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Christmas Night 3D ScreenSaver   new
Santa's on his way. He prepared a special gift just for you. Visit his new country house on Christmas Night and all your wishes will come true! Live web cameras are connected to the screensaver to provide a window into his magic world and deliver Christmas spirit straight to your place. Festive music and brilliant 3D graphics help to make your PC screen ready for upcoming holiday.
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Christmas Lake 3D ScreenSaver   new
Kind snowmen are waiting for you on the charmed Christmas lake. And there are thousands of surprising miracles prepared for you under each lovely snow-flake. Believe in wonders and you can get on the lake easily and take part in the Christmas mystery!
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Christmas Magic 3D ScreenSaver   new
Christmas is the favourite feast of the children all over the world. Every day before Christmas becomes special. Santa has been on the Pole for a long time and now he is going to your place to share his magic gifts and to warm himself for a while near the festive fireplace. It's almost midnight behind the window and the Christmas magic is at hand. In just few moments the miracle is going to happen. It's time to ask Santa to fulfil your most sacred wishes.
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Santa's Flight 3D ScreenSaver   new
Thousands of wonderful presents are packed in one big red sack lying in the rear part of the reactive sleigh. Deer are standing uneasily already willing to take off. Santa's Flight 3D screensaver gives you an ultimate chance to fly with Santa Claus above the boundless North Pole lands covered with never-melting snows. Take the opportunity to see the most romantic full moon, millions of shining stars, and heavenly beautiful northern lights!
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Christmas Lights Clock ScreenSaver   new
Festival time is coming and by all means glittering with great promise. Welcome the most brilliant days full of deep night colours and wonderful dreams hidden around in your space and time. Call in your joyful spirits and treat your life with special lights!
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Furry Christmas Clock ScreenSaver   new
Fairy-tale is waiting for us to live through special moments of Christmas time. Make a hearty wish and relax while watching snowflakes shower down. This wonderful screensaver is for all to enjoy in beauty and magic of winter, itís a Christmas must-have!
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Christmas House Clock ScreenSaver   new
The Clock is ticking and the Christmas is coming closer. The real miracles are going to happen soon. Welcome to the Santa Claus's Christmas House. Everybody there are always happy even cat and little mouse.
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Christmas Clock ScreenSaver   new
Jingle is all the way as you watch for Santa to arrive. Cordial and picturesque winter scenery and a cute Christmas clock will smooth over the expectation of a big holiday. Postpone everything for a bit and enjoy the Christmas spirit. Ho-ho-ho!
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Christmas Fireplace ScreenSaver   new
Decorated Christmas Clock wants to tell you tik and tok. Christmas Tree inside the house likes a pleasant festive chaos. Streets are full of fluffy snow. Santa thought it's time to go. Near the Christmas Fireplace he will meet you with the grace.
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Christmas Land 3D ScreenSaver   new
Far away in a forest there is a sacred land where Santa takes a little rest before going on his Christmas journey. The true Christmas spirits arise there at this time. 3D Christmas Land screensaver shows the beauty and tranquillity of the magical Christmas village. Cozy winter scenes with dancing snowflakes will add something peculiar to your screen. Be prepared for the coming Christmas! Take a chance to join magic feast and invite Christmas miracles to your life.
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Snow Village ScreenSaver   new
The Snow Village, a secret festive base, dazzles with icy beauty while northern lights present rainbows of spirits. Take a unique chance to watch off-map place where Santa wraps gifts in the company of friendly bears and starts his long-awaited journey!
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Plasticine Christmas night Clock ScreenSaver   new
Christmas is time when imagination is flexible like plasticine in your hands. Follow examples of children who are best at keeping holidays. Amaze your friends with something special and unique at Christmas time. Joyful and colorful ideas always at hand in the night settings.
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