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Wonderful Red Parrots Chatter ScreenSaver   new
You see, the smile is over your lips and you feel touched. Can you notice, the parrot is definitely trying to say something, to convey its thoughts? Quite interesting to guess what is in its mind is it? If you close now your eyes and just listen the chatter of the parrot and other birds you can try to imagine that you in some exotic place, for example Australia. Fancy finding yourself there? Itís for sure worth seeing. Would you agree to touch the bird? Immense stream of life energy flows into you as you touch this wonderful child of nature.
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Turtle Swimming Coral Reef ScreenSaver   new
Cute underwater turtle in the blue ocean. Turtle swimming over coral reef. A wonderful underwater turtle is swimming so deep in the blue ocean water and pleases the eye. Itís incredibly bright and moves so slowly over the coral reef on the very bottom of the ocean. The bright colors Óf the turtle are amazing and contrast with bright blue color of the water. Itís incredible that such colors were created by nature. Real masterpiece that is so nice to look at!
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Amazing Bright Macaw Parrot ScreenSaver   new
Wonderful bird, so huge and bright! Amazing bright macaw parrot. Would you like the parrot take a place on your shoulder? It looks directly at you and you feel some inner trembling. The eyes look very wise, as if it is a person, not a bird. What do you feel now? Do you feel unity with Mother Nature? Can you perceive how wise it is giving life to such wonderful creatures? The bird is bright green with red feathers around the neck.
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Suzy Cat web widget and ScreenSaver   new
Cute Suzy little Cat wants to live at your desktop. It likes to run and jump as every little kitten. It loves to sleep as well. It's very happy to become your virtual pet.
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Phoenix Clock ScreenSaver   new
Phoenix is a mythological bird, which rises anew from its own ashes after death, a symbol of everlasting revival. Admit the majestic Phoenix family into your PC! Touch the ageless verities of eternal youth by watching the spellbinding movements of the graceful birds!
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Chameleon Clock ScreenSaver   new
The vigilant chameleon sits solemnly on your desktop adapting its camouflage to the natural tropical environment. Be amazed at the handsome creature perfect in grace and majesty! Let it be the symbol of security and magical transformation for your daily life!
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Dragon Year Clock ScreenSaver   new
Dragon is capable of bringing welfare signifying success, leadership and protection. With dragon assistance you discover insight within you to use full of your potential. Let in this powerful animal into your life as a source of enthusiasm and clarity.
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Graceful Horses ScreenSaver
Kind and sensitive, fast and furious, full of life horses are running to meet the Wind and breath in the fresh air of Life in new Graceful Horses screensaver - one of the best slideshow screensavers.
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Angry Wolves ScreenSaver
Wolf is a sacral magical animal! Angry Wolves screensaver is a great gift to all Wolf admirers. In addition to displaying amazing wolves while your computer is in idle state it also works as an automatic desktop wallpaper changer that rises Angry Wolves above other screensavers.
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Stripy Zebras ScreenSaver
Can you tell that the Zebra is not a Horse? No? But it's a very special magical Horse! It can foresee the future! Black and White stripes remind us that everething in this beautiful Universe is constantly changing. Let's enjoy the Stripy Zebras and don't forget that after the Black strip the White is coming not only in screensavers...
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Lighthouse Clock ScreenSaver   new
The Lighthouse Clock screensaver constructed to help you to navigate in time easily and always keep the chosen direction. It brings you the lighthouse with magical clock surrounded by natural animated scenery designed to inspire you to achieve your dreams!
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Mysterious Forest ScreenSaver   new
Enrich your desktop with the forest magic! Feel the joy of the natural freedom and ceaseless meditation! Get into the heart of the Mysterious forest where you can meet fairy-tale animals and lovely creatures!
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Fairy Lake ScreenSaver   new
Want something spectacular to relax for a while? Feel like going out to the forest? Afford youself a little pleasure! Put this screensaver to your PC and you will find a magic world full of wonderful animals living on the shore of the fairy lake! Enchanting natural sounds will surround you and fill your world with wonders, happiness and surprises.
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Charming Waterfalls ScreenSaver   new
High in the mountains where you can easily touch the edge of heaven, pure water springs give birth to the Charming Waterfalls. Fairy creatures living there invite you to turn your screen into a magic window of ceaseless Joy.
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Suburban Paradise ScreenSaver   new
Bored with urban rythms? Irritated with sounds of megapolis? Take a rest in Suburban Paradise! Beautiful lake, magic trees and cute houses are waiting to fill your heart with calm and peace! Mountain views, joyful animals, birds and fairy-tale butterflies shares the joy of existence with you.
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Living Dolphins 3D ScreenSaver   new
Looking for something special? Watch animated underwater world full of funny dolphins, fish, corals and mysterious relaxing sounds. The playful dolphins swim across your monitor and splash above a sunlit tropical ocean. Enjoy their amazing movement through the turquoise depths and the stunning jumps over the sea surface. Download Living Dolphins 3D Screensaver and bring vivid and attractive aquatic life to your desktop. Relax from the busy day and discover extraordinary beauty of the underwater world scenery!
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Dolphin Aqua Life 3D ScreenSaver
Dolphin Aqua Life 3D turns you desktop into a porthole for viewing charming underwater scenes with rocks, plants and tropical fish. You can also become a virtual dolphin swimming through the water and observing underwater life from an underwater perspective.
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Wild Dolphin 3D ScreenSaver
These magnificent mammals have a universal appeal. To many people they are a symbol of freedom, joy, grace and tranquility. This 3D screensaver gives you a rare chance to observe dolphins in their natural environment. Dive into the abyss and enjoy the enchanting scenes complemented by extremely realistic sounds of deep sea life and relaxing music with one of the best underwater screensavers.
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Stunning Tigers ScreenSaver
One of the greatest beasts on the Earth ever born wants to share his stunning strength with us. Let's inhale it and feel the power of the wild freedom!
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Leo the King ScreenSaver
His mane is worthy of the King. His huge mouth can make us tremble. His beauty and charms can hypnotize. His name is Lion. Let's safely look at him from our desktop in amazing 40-shots slideshow and rejoice at... we are not his dinner... yet! :)
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Croaking Frogs ScreenSaver
Magnificent Frogs croaking in the bogs... Singing their songs like a nightly bongs... Googling their eyes with a greenish spice... In these lively slides take us for the rides...
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Clumsy Bears ScreenSaver
Bears are so huge and strong, they live in the forest and on the Pole. They are very clever but it's rather a dangerous to come near them. Let's safely enjoy these lovely animals from desktop with Clumsy Bears screensaver!
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Monkeys ScreenSaver
Monkeys are our next of kin on this Planet, possibly even ancestors. Smart, talented and very funny they make us laughing and gave us a lot of joy. Let's enjoy them in Monkeys screensaver featuring 28-picturies impressing slideshow.
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Elephants ScreenSaver
7art Elephants screensaver brings you 32 charming photos of elephants and elephant calfs. Enjoy these lovely animals at your desktop.
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Happy Cats ScreenSaver
Happy Cats ScreenSaver brings you 27-photos of charming kittens and pussy-cats. Delight in beauty and tender of this sacred animals.
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Wild Animals ScreenSaver
33 photo shots of the wild animals in realistic slideshow screensaver with built-in desktop wallpaper manager. Giraffe, leopard, goat, hare, deer, fox, rhino, hippo, fiber, porcupine, camel, seal, kangaroo, beaver, panda and other animals are all waiting for your attention to share their wild life with you, give you strengh and feel your heart with ancient vibrations.
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Autumn Life ScreenSaver
Autumn Life tells everyone that autumn is a spectacular time of life, the essence of life itself, with all its changes, caprice and wonder. You'll walk through several paintings showing all the signs of autumn: the leaves turning red, orange and yellow, the apples getting tinted in the cool light of autumn, and frost jewels gleaming where once there was dew. And sure as spring, new life is just around the corner. At least, that's what you see.
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